June 30 – the basics



About C. S. Kay

A silly, impoverished young woman looking to relive her childhood through her work.
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6 Responses to June 30 – the basics

  1. jumpercable says:

    I like that even the paper she’s writing on makes you think about the story (at least, what you’re trying to say through it). Are you going to do censored pages too? ^^;;

    • C. S. Kay says:

      Thanks for the feedback :)

      I’m intrigued though, what are you imagining with censored pages? Like names she writes that are blacked out to protect identities when these pages are released to the public? XD Or censored language perhaps “bleeped” out?

      The original plan was to keep everything relatively PG for the kids, but that’s going to be very difficult for me (because it’s me) and because when I was that age, I was exploring adult themes and profanity, but that’s not a reality that’s readily accepted by the general public. Kids are supposed to be innocent until they magically switch into rebellious teenagers.

      But the entire concept for this…I was always on the fence whether or not it’s suited more for actual kids, or adults who enjoy reading about kids. It might be both, but in that case, I’m not sure where the line is of what can and cannot be crossed.

      • EK says:

        The blacked-out thing is what I mean, I guess when her writings are discovered or something. For instance, material she has to pass to a teacher or something, that a parent reads and blacks out or does not pass in entirety.

        I saw it done in Octavian Nothing and a few other books, where letters or writings that did not reach official eyes are left fully intact, but those that did reach official eyes were blacked out, smeared out, etc.

        • C. S. Kay says:

          I don’t know yet. I’m not sure she’s got anything to say that’s so damaging, portions must be blacked out. XD

          But it’s definitely something to think on!

  2. s-girl says:

    Looking at the first comment you made, you need to answer the question about what would your niece’s mom let you show her.

    • C. S. Kay says:

      LOL, don’t say that. Her mom has no say in that stuff. My household is the one who feeds the kids media and pop culture at our discretion. And we’re practically negligent, rarely censoring ourselves or the movies we put in. >_>

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