July 4 – Markie

Wow. First a delay due to things within my control and then a delay due to losing internet connection.  The images are a little shoddy (the paper is very thin), so I will see if I can get better pictures up tomorrow (with a photo instead of a scan) but if that’s not any better…well.  No change.

Hope you enjoy. :)




About C. S. Kay

A silly, impoverished young woman looking to relive her childhood through her work.
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6 Responses to July 4 – Markie

  1. EK says:

    Poor Suzy, getting teased by a neighbor.

    There were some lapses of being un-Suzy, but really it was a fun read and I’m glad she had a good Fourth of July. ^^v

  2. sgl says:

    ahhaha. I kicked a boy once. But I got in trouble :(

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