July 8 – phone call

About C. S. Kay

A silly, impoverished young woman looking to relive her childhood through her work.
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5 Responses to July 8 – phone call

  1. SgL says:

    Suzy, what is the last drawing showing? o_o

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  3. EK says:

    Is the wolfy backpack your ode to SgL’s count? ^^v

    Both sweet and worrying, this journal entry. (Worrying about Suzy, that is.)

    • C. S. Kay says:

      Haha, no, wolfy is sort of a callback to Suzy’s stuffed animal companion, which was originally going to be a wolf named Wolfy. I changed it to an ambiguous stuffed animal named Fluffy to coincide with my own childhood toy (I never actually owned a wolf stuffed animal). Fluffy is seen in the photograph of Suzy’s box, which many people refer to as a bunny, but I can’t in good conscious classify it as a bunny…as it seems to be crossbred with a dog…Fluffy is just Fluffy, whatever that may be. XD

      BUT, perhaps I should start doing Wenchy product placement…LOL…

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