July 15 – Fit for a Princess

Hello, Suzy readers!  I’ve been a little slow in my day-to-day.  I’m hoping a little vitamin D will do me some good.

And are you still looking for a way to help out with the bleak situation in Japan?  Our resident enthusiast (EK) is giving the proceeds to her stories to the Red Cross effort in Japan.  Details here.  Read a little something, help a little someone.

The following photograph features AzaleaPrime’s greasy, grubby little hands.  Imagine asking a two year old to stay still and don’t move while you’re taking the picture…(and yes, those are LeaPrime’s scribbles over the page)

And for image purists (I don’t imagine anyone who could be reading this is), there is a scanned version.  Just because I couldn’t decide which one was better.

About C. S. Kay

A silly, impoverished young woman looking to relive her childhood through her work.
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7 Responses to July 15 – Fit for a Princess

  1. EK says:

    Thanks. I’m just one contributor of many, and the whole antho is a charity antho.

    Poor painted nails, but I’m glad they had fun. LOL!

    • EK says:

      BTW I’m not enthusiastic, you’re just seeing the work of 2 years being let out in weekly bits. I don’t know how I’ll sustain it afterward, when that is over by May or June.

      • C. S. Kay says:

        But it’s so impressive and shows real dedication to a craft! Not only that, but you just seem so on top of everything, not only with your own updates, but with keeping up with Creative Wenches in general. I am very lax in my duties and have to constantly play catch-up.

        If you want a new moniker, you’ll have to either display a very distinctive trait (mother hen-ishness, ninja skills, slackerdom, puppyishness, Buddha-likeness…), or suggest one yourself. :P

        One just popped into my head. The Activist. A play on your Activated series and your activism for Japan (and Libya). Tho I’m not sure it says anything about your personality. Hm…

        • EK says:

          As I said. I’m on top of the updates because I’m just letting out completed work. That’s why I’m worried for after May or June, when I no longer have completed long work to show.

          Also I’ve had some earlier experience in weekly updates courtesy of making anime episode summary / information websites. ^^;; http://jumpercable.wordpress.com/site-network/

          I’ll take whatever you call me, thanks (hugs).

          • C. S. Kay says:

            Hee hee. I fail at regular episode summaries. I tried that at one point, too. XD

            Very impressive!!

            In fact, I’m SHOCKED I’ve managed to continue Suzy this long. The way I experience time is different from other people and as an INFP, I have no concept of deadlines. So very bad for weekly anything. LOL.

            (We’ll see where things go for nicknames! They tend to evolve over time! ^^)

  2. SGL says:

    What is Lea throwing at Suzy? o_o

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