July 19 – Questions

Hey everybody!  Keeping up with Suzy can be a lot of work and sometimes I’m not sure if I’m doing my job of keeping her fresh and new.  Feel free to let me know your thoughts!

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A silly, impoverished young woman looking to relive her childhood through her work.
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6 Responses to July 19 – Questions

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  2. EK says:

    You buy lumpia wrappers! v^^v And yeah, most Pinoys translate it as springrolls if forced to.

    I kinda speak the language of that other side, and I’ve had all three kinds of rolls shown on the paper.
    – lumpiang shanghai is ground beef or pork wrapped in the paper and fried, and goes with sweet-and-sour sauce or ketchup
    – lumpiang togue (the ‘fried lumpia with vegetables’, not completely accurate) is filled with beansprouts instead of meat then fried, and goes well with vinegar.
    – lumpiang ubod or lumpiang sariwa (‘fresh lumpia with peanuts’, also not completely accurate) is a slightly different case. It’s best when you make fresh eggrolls for it, then place bamboo shoots, carrots, other vegetables depending on who makes it, sometimes some meat, sometimes a lettuce leaf, then wrap it all up like a tighter omelette. You top it all with sweet peanut sauce. ‘Ubod’ is the bamboo shoots, ‘sariwa’ means fresh, either term is used for this kind of lumpia.

    This is probably too much information, but I hope it’s been informative. ^^;;

    • C. S. Kay says:

      LOL!!! XD XD

      You certainly know your stuff. I don’t know names or what goes in stuff, but I know what I like to eat and don’t. It’s always fun going to a restaurant and asking (for the twentieth time) what the difference is between all the noodles (rice, wheat, cellophane, etc). I’m sure my mother is utterly mortified. XD

      Also, your description went and made me hungry. Lmao.

  3. sgl says:

    LOL. My mom never called it diapers. She just said women have their own things they use. Then again, I don’t think I noticed pads before o_o

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