September 14 – Meeting

Shooby dooby poopy.  Our internet DIED again last night.  The modem dealie might be dying for good.

If there are kiddies reading this, you might need to ask an adult about today’s entry.  :)





About C. S. Kay

A silly, impoverished young woman looking to relive her childhood through her work.
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7 Responses to September 14 – Meeting

  1. Matt says:

    I do a comic based on things kids say in elementary school, and i just did one today with a princess lol – check it out!!

  2. T. E. Waters says:

    Oh, I like how you snuck this reveal in on us! And I love the moms being awesome. <3 Now you've got me rummaging through back entries checking to see if I missed anything though — I totally admit to assuming Mina was white all this time, which seems rather silly in retrospect.

    Good luck with the internet issues though… D:

    • C. S. Kay says:

      The reveal was supposed to happen in act three but it was way harder to keep Mina a secret than I thought. XD (at least not without giving her a symbolic avatar) and then I figured “it can’t be that big a deal…she’s been on the front page with the title banner since day one!!!”

      I didn’t drop hints per se, but by omitting any “identifying information,” we all end up making assumptions. Thanks for coming out of the woodwork, miss ninja! :)

      • T. E. Waters says:

        Aw yeah, I wondered if you might have been doing it deliberately, but wanted to go back and check anyway! XD

        Act three, huh? I actually kinda like the timing of this (and yeah, I imagine it *would* be tough to keep up the secrecy) — it gives us a bit of context re: her situation at school, which is nice. It’s always interesting to see how things shift around as we go along though.

        • C. S. Kay says:

          Thanks! It’s fun for me to figure out how things are going to progress.

          LMAO, dude, we gotta get some more collabs together. That totally died. I know we’re all busy, but we gotta stay creative and figure out a way to put more/new content onto our wenches site.

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