Well, this is embarrassing.

I only just now realized that today is Thursday.  Which is stupid, since today is my birthday.  I’ve been so busy planning my birthday celebration, I totally lost track of time.

*failure, like wow*

I can’t take a break from the planning, so I’ll have to postpone Suzy for this weekend.  Either Saturday night or Sunday.  So until then, I’m sorry for being such an airhead.  Stay young!

About C. S. Kay

A silly, impoverished young woman looking to relive her childhood through her work.
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4 Responses to Well, this is embarrassing.

  1. susangeckle says:

    Happy birthday! I think being busy like that is a good sign, not one of an airhead.

  2. EK says:

    Happy birthday to you! Sorry for not being around so often. ^^;;; May you have a great new year!

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