Who is Suzy Long?

(Updated Wednesday nights)

Suzy Long is a nine year old girl who is forced to keep a journal as a way to prevent her from acting out by allowing her to express her feelings.  Only, her parents won’t buy her a notebook with which to keep it.  Not a problem for Suzy.


[the family]

Suzy Long – her strange sense of humor can get her (or her friends) in trouble.  Smart, creative, and impulsive, she is an outsider among sheep in a snotty suburban town.

Papa Long – referred to most often as “my dad,” he is passive and quiet.  He loves his family, but is a miser first.  Likes to spend time in his garden.

Mama Long – a hard worker and a fierce woman, she patches up holes in the family’s socks.  Money is always a concern.

Azalea (Lea) Long – two year old sister.  A handful.  But cute.

(Big) Brother Long – shares a room with Suzy.  Entering a rebellious phase.

Yeay -Papa Long’s mother.  Previous owner of the money tree meant to bring fortune to the family.

[on the Outside]

Markie (Mark) Johnson – Suzy’s sworn enemy and duplex neighbor. A year and grade older.

Georgie – Markie’s dog and Suzy’s sworn canine enemy.  Lea may have helped Suzy discover the key to winning Georgie’s friendship.

Ms. Fellgood – the counselor responsible for assigning Suzy to keep a journal.  Has a squirrel puppet named Mr. Nibbles.

Mina – Suzy’s (best?) friend from school.  She lives too far away to see outside of school.