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A silly, impoverished young woman looking to relive her childhood through her work.

September 18 – Ladies on TV

Grr…I am a week behind.  A friend of mine’s been in the hospital for over a week and it’s blown my concentration entirely.  Can’t seem to sit still for more than five minutes.  So I’m still working on this week’s … Continue reading

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September 17 – Recess

It’s the weeeee hours in the morning here.  Ninja Suzy comes to you on a paper towel.  But not one of the good kinds that can hold quarters up even when you get them wet.

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September 16 – Lizard Lady

Whee, adventures! Giant storms, the threat of lost power, shaky internet, and a computer that keeps randomly turning off!  But Suzy won’t quit!  Suzy works with what she’s got!  Enjoy!

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