And Affiliates

Suzy’s Box is a project flying under the banner of the Creative Wenches Collective.

Creative Wenches is a collaboration of creative ladies who work individually on their own separate projects and with each other to inspire, create, and promote content for each other.

The Cast of Characters

SgL (Tales of the Big Bad Wolf) – the momma hen of the group who gathers her chickies and clucks at us to get to work.

T.E.Waters (Memory of AUSOS) – the resident ninja with a quirky sense of humor.

EK (Activated) – the newest member of the collective, but possibly the most motivated and enthusiastic.  (She also has an ace artist in a secret pocket!)

C.S.Kay (Suzy’s Box: The Journal of a Disturbed Girl) – the dreamy child who plays part-time mom to her brothers’ children.  The least focused and resident slacker of the group.