September 18 – Ladies on TV

Grr…I am a week behind.  A friend of mine’s been in the hospital for over a week and it’s blown my concentration entirely.  Can’t seem to sit still for more than five minutes.  So I’m still working on this week’s Suzy but this is LAST week’s Suzy.

And I totally agree with her sentiments.



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September 17 – Recess

It’s the weeeee hours in the morning here.  Ninja Suzy comes to you on a paper towel.  But not one of the good kinds that can hold quarters up even when you get them wet.

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September 16 – Lizard Lady

Whee, adventures! Giant storms, the threat of lost power, shaky internet, and a computer that keeps randomly turning off!  But Suzy won’t quit!  Suzy works with what she’s got!  Enjoy!

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