August 4 – Crabapple Song

Art imitates life.

There are more pictures of Red Riding Hood: The Soap Opera (With Barbies).  It reveals bonus shots, behind-the-scenes shots, as well as unveils some of my inner neuroses.  Check it out! (You know you want to!)

I’m also left wondering what my next side-project is going to be.  With Harmonics on a break, I think I should throw some crack at our resident ninja.  (Of course, I am always open to requests for Red Riding Hood shots/plots ^^)


About C. S. Kay

A silly, impoverished young woman looking to relive her childhood through her work.
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5 Responses to August 4 – Crabapple Song

  1. EK says:

    It’s no longer on a break, but the author is still in some state of confusion. Unlike Activated that made me want to type to get it out of my head, Harmonics scares me and makes me want to run away from the writing. So ask a few questions, maybe they’d be helpful. ^^v

    Kiddie song is really cute!

    • C. S. Kay says:

      Hmm…I will try to send some questions your way about Harmonics when I get a chance. Don’t be scared!! if a horrible mess ensues, you can always post “as a draft” so that any changes or total scraps made later end up being part of the process…

      Or maybe that’s scary, too. XD

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  3. T. E. Waters says:

    Ahahaha. Should I be worried? XD

    Man, as a kid I remember being SO PARANOID about finding worms in my fruit, lol.

    • C. S. Kay says:

      No need to be worried…I have no idea what I’m going to do yet! When I figure that out, you can worry all you want. :D

      Ugh. I know all about the worms. SO SCARY as a kid. I’m still a little weird about it, but it’s more I WANT TO KNOW than I’m scared of it. Before writing this entry, I actually found a little grub in a bowl of pickled crabapples and stared at it and briefly wondered what pickled grub would taste like before throwing it away. XD XD

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