July 9 – visit

I’m hoping to do a little “extra” content for Suzy this week…unfortunately, gremlins (or the CHILDREN) seem to have taken some of my props.  As soon as I can FIND them, I’ll try to put something out right away!

Also, the kindly SgL did some really awesome art for Suzy, which I will post here Friday.  For now, they can be seen at the Creative Wenches headquarters.

My scanner was just a hair too small for the paper used.  So some letters are in danger of being cut off.  My apologies!

(click through for full images)



…and yes. I realize it should be “Fluffy talked TO Mr. Nibbles.” XD


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A silly, impoverished young woman looking to relive her childhood through her work.
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7 Responses to July 9 – visit

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  2. EK says:

    So it’s starting to get a bit dark, huh? ^^ I like the drawings, keep it up.

  3. SgL says:

    Finally, Ms. Fellgood! Sounds like she’s a counselor of some sort eh? She seems very kind actually, and it makes me wonder about the ‘incident’ . Suzy seems really expressive and normal, actually, for a kid, but I wonder about how she was adjusting at school.

    And is that weird kid with the dog the bad neighbor? Poor Lea!

  4. T. E. Waters says:

    Oh, I was worried that Ms. Fellgood would turn out to be one of those well-intentioned but ultimately misguided counselor types. Glad to see she’s actually pretty cool. Mr. Nibbles and Fluffy are adorable!

    • C. S. Kay says:

      I think it is too easy to do “well-intentioned but misguided,” but I can’t say it didn’t cross my mind, too.

      Squash Grove: Breeding character diversity since 2010. XD

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